Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Farewell Appleoke

It's the last day of Nablowrimo and the last night of Appleoke. So sad. I've been going to karaoke at Applebee's (Appleoke) for almost two years, but Applebee's isn't renewing their entertainment licence so they're
getting rid of karaoke!

Wednesday night karaoke has been my therapy, my release, my reward each week. I go, rock out and have a blast! People cheer for me and compliment me when I sing. Drunk people try to sing or dance with me (once, a big black man tried to sing Taylor Swift with me...he didn't know the words). Appetizers are half price, so my friend and I can each get one, some waters, and the bill comes to $6! We splurged tonight and got fancy lemonades.
The bill was a shocking $13.

I have so many great memories of karaoke and can't believe it's going away forever. Tonight a man named Batman did a little striptease to "I'm too sexy". The cowboy sings rock, the biker sings country. In the past, the self titled "Wednesday Night Delight" sang Iron Man while wearing a C3PO mask. I've seen slutty Strawberry Shortcake, White Trash, and the New Years Eve Baby. A leprechaun and a German tried to take me home. Like, REALLY tried. Even after the found out the we "love Jesus and stuff like that", the leprechaun was still trying! He pulled out every line in the book.

What am I going to do without my weekly fix of stardom? Without the entertainment of everyone performing? Without drunk people thinking I sing amazingly? Or hitting on me? What will I do for fun?

So, we ended with one of our favorite karaoke songs:
Before He Cheats by Carrie Underwood.
And we rocked it.

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