Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Pinterest Projects!

Over the past few months I've been making things off Pinterest and decided to share with you! And if for some reason you don't know what Pinterest is, go check it out! I'll wait....or pin some things til you get back!

Okay, all caught up? Good. Let's see what I've been making!

First up is the Christmas presents I made. I found the template for these boxes on Pinterest, and they were SUPER easy to make!
I made little things to put inside, including these handwarmers! There are TONS of different tutorials for these, so I kinda just made it up.
This next one came from my head, not Pinterest. I made these for the Sunday School teachers at church. So simple and cute! I bought candles at the Dollar Tree, and a packet of blank address labels. Peeled off the candle labels, printed/stamped some labels, and put them on. Added a little ribbon for flair. Gotta have flair!
Next Up: Vacation Piggy Banks made from Shadow Boxes! I love these. Just need to find a saw to make the holes in the top. My cousin and I made these to save for a cruise, hence the nautical themes.
I've also found some fabulous organizing tips on Pinterest, like the Life Binder I shared a while back. This one is amazingly simple: T-shirt filing. Fold the t-shirts, and stack them in vertically. You can fit more in the drawer, and they're easier to find!
Finally, some movie day treats! I had a girls movie day at my house for some of my teen girls and wanted to make it special. So I designed these popcorn bags, loosely based on various candy bags I saw on Pinterest. They're stitched together, which might make me crazy, but they were soooo cute! And the girls loved them! I did learn, however, that you should sew in some wax or parchment paper to prevent the oil stains.
And what good is a movie party without fun cookies?! The Pinterest ones were brownies, and since I don't do chocolate, I made these! Way cuter, in my opinion. And soo yummy!
Well, that's it for now! My fabric should be done drying so I can get started on my next project: A duvet cover! Happy Pinning :)

Friday, February 17, 2012

Love's Nerve Damage

It didn't take as long as I expected to set up my part of the free concert at the church tonight, so I decided to do a quick little blog post...

So, remember my little tryst with the bridge we call Golden Gate? Well I'm pretty sure I did permanent damage to my knee during that little exciting ride. That day was four months ago, yet my knee is still very sensitive. Certain clothes will make my skin tingle. And the slightest little bump sends shooting pain through my knee. Like tonight.

I accidentally banged my knee on a corner walking out of the sound booth. It was just a little bump. Most people would've said "ow" and moved on. Me? I started hopping in place, clutching my knee, with tears in my eyes. And now it's sending random bursts of pain whenever it feels like it. Nerve damage? I'm assuming. But I guess I'll have to live with it! Time to make the popcorn :)

<3 I believe in Love <3

Monday, February 13, 2012

Where Have All the Leaders Gone?

So I'm feeling a little convicted, and a little jealous, and a little....if-I-put-it-in-words-people-will-think-I'm-nuts. Because that is totally an emotion. I don't know how much to share. Because I don't know if it will seem petty, or mean, or justifiable, or too real. But I'm feeling so torn, I'm just going to go for it. And maybe I'm missing something, maybe one of you will have something to share or...whatever. So here's the deal:

When we went to the Global Forum on Human Trafficking this year, there were three girls (roughly our age) sitting in front of us. Through every speaker, they were talking. Getting up and coming back. Playing on their phones. Even talking on their phones. In the middle of a conference. They were being really disruptive. For a day an a half. To the point my friend, who I love and is way mouthier than me, was about to tell them to please be quiet, when they all just got up and left. Imagine our surprise when they show up on stage as the directors of different projects! My friend and I just looked at each other like, "Umm, wait. WHAT?!" They went on to share all the great work they were doing in their respective areas, but to this day, I just cannot match up the girls I saw all weekend with the leaders on stage. Where's the integrity? Leaders, in general, should be leaders both in public and private, right? That's what I've been told all my life. That's what all the good leadership books say. And if your boss, your leader is speaking....shouldn't you listen? Set the example? And you know, to be fair, we did think maybe they were having a bad day. We've all been there when we talk during a speaker. But through a whole conference? As a leader?

I know I'm not perfect. But I try very hard to make my life just that-my life. Not a church life, and a work life, and a private life. One unified life. Nothing to regret or explain to someone. Yes, I'm human. Yes, I mess up sometimes. But as a whole, I think who I am and who I present to people are pretty much one and the same. So it makes me look up at God and just kinda ask, "what gives?" when I see people doing things I would kill to be a part of, yet acting like...well, kinda like spoiled kids. That's kinda harsh, isn't it? Maybe that's not the right way to put it. But honestly, the way those girls acted when sitting in the audience had a bigger impact than anything they shared on stage.

And then, today. Today I log onto Facebook and see this post from Not For Sale:
"Three years ago someone told me not to say that we are going to change the world because very few people have actually changed the whole wide world. For a while I agreed with him. But now I think that it’s stupid to not say it, if it helps me get out of bed in the morning. And while, yes I aim to change the world, I will still celebrate each and every individual whose life I touch in even the smallest way." - Saskia of NFS Europe
And I think, "Wow! I looooove that!" and follow the link. And I find one of those girls staring me in the face. The article is great. I love the entire thing. I saved it and found at least three new quotes for my life. But knowing who wrote it sets me at odds. I read the quote thinking, "I may have just found a new role model"...until I saw the picture. Until I realized who said it. And I can't deny the fact that this girl is doing amazing work. Saving women from slavery. Ending human trafficking. But role model for me? No. The way she acted at the Forum took her out of the running. Which is a shame, because from that article, I really like her. That girl could be my role model. But not the one who sat in front of me.

That whole "people-will-think-I'm-crazy" emotion? Well, it's hard to put into words. Because it does kind of seem crazy. And petty. And cocky. And unfaithful. But, I guess I'm in this far, let's see how it goes. It's times like that that I think, "God, why not me? Why do they get to do it, but I don't?" and a lot more thoughts that I'm not so brave as to put down on blog. There is so much I want to do with my life. So much I want to see and do and accomplish. I truly want to change the world. I don't care what people say about it being impossible. And yes, deep down I know my time will come. I know God has plans that are way beyond my own. But it's really hard to wait patiently when you can feel the stirrings of Big Things in your heart. Especially when so many others "accidentally" get to do the things you want to.

Okay, so maybe that last paragraph wasn't as crazy as I thought it would be. The crazy thoughts haven't gained control of my fingers, so they're still locked in my head. (I think I've been reading too much Hunger Games; I sound like Katniss!) My thoughts are all tangled up with this because I really liked that article. Was inspired by it. Have made the words part of my mindset. Yet I can't match it up with the person who wrote it, the glimpse of the life that is supposedly living that. I don't like when people don't match up with what they say.

And with that, what do you think? Am I being ridiculous? Or am I justified in this? Ever felt like this?

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Famine Kick Off!

After a personal three year hiatus, it's time once more for the 30 Hour Famine! Wooohooo!! For those of you who have no clue why I'm excited for a famine, let me explain.
The 30 Hour Famine is a yearly event where thousands of young people around the world willingly give up food for 30 hours to raise money for those who are literally starving. I've been doing this almost every year since I was 13, and it's always such a cool thing to be a part of! I'm especially excited for this year because many of our teens have never done the Famine before! It's gonna be awesome! Not only do we raise money to send to World Vision, but during those thirty hours, we will learn about hunger and do local service projects to give back.

Why is this whole event important? Every day, over 8000 children under the age of 5 die from hunger related illnesses. One child dies every 12 seconds from something that could be prevented with what many of us throw out. But we can stop it. I've lost count, but over the years, our youth group has saved over 200 children from starvation, and I refuse to stop there. In partnering with World Vision, we can make sure children not only receive the food they desperately need, but the medical care and education to make their futures bright.

Would you join me in this quest to eradicate hunger? It's easy! Check out my page here and simply click to donate! The cool thing is, every little bit makes a difference.
Only have 5 bucks? Boom! You just fed a kid for 5 days!
30 dollars? That kid's gonna make it another month!
$360?! Someone's going to see their next birthday!!
And World Vision rocks. Explore their website and you'll find that for every dollar they receive, 81 cents goes right to the kids! No guessing if your money actually makes a difference!

Please seriously consider what you can give to help kids have the best the world can offer. Together, we can kiss hunger goodbye!
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