Wednesday, September 18, 2013

I'm baa-aaack!

Hello again, blogging world! I took a little sabbatical from blogging for a bit to relax and recharge, but I am now back, and I have a plan! I've decided to (try to) blog three times a week. And I've given those three days names.

You're already familiar with Freedom Fridays. Now say hello to Magic Mondays and Workout Wednesdays! Monday's will be whatever I feel like blogging about: life, book reviews, adventures, whatever passes through my mind. Wednesday's will be an update about my diet and training.

So without further ado, I present to you, dear reader, the first ever Workout Wednesday!

I gotta say, I'm really proud of myself this week! I have been kicking major training butt! There have been big changes in this realm since the last workout update, so lets get you caught up.

My gym stopped offering P90X....right after I got a cheaper price on my unlimited classes for agreeing to a longer contract. But, as an alternative, they started offering a Functional Movement class at a time that is so much nicer that 7am! And I am LOVING this class. A ton. I get super sore each time, I get pushed to my limit, and I love it. I've never done Crossfit, but I think this is like a non-cultish version of that. Kbs, DBs, RFTs,'s like learning a new language! This week (meaning since last Wednesday), I made it in 3 times (my goal!!).

Also, since last blogging, my best friend and I decided we're crazy. We decided since neither of us run, we should sign up for a half marathon. Because that's logical. Now, in my defense, if anything would ever get me to run, it would be this:

The Disney Princess Half Marathon. We're signed up, our hotel is arranged, and the training has begun. No, seriously, I've become a runner. Why? Because I get to run through Magic Kingdom and EPCOT, before they open, including on the Disney highway and BEHIND THE SCENES while all the characters cheer me on. Did I mention they encourage costumes? And that Mickey and Minnie give out the medals? Or that you start with fireworks? So I think you see I had no choice.

This week I ran 3 times, each run better than the last, including a long run of 4.5 miles (from home to the gym for a FM class!). This week I also realized just how far a half marathon is by putting it into local landmark perspective. I'm insane for signing up for this.

Total mileage this week: 10.42 miles. I think I'm even starting to like it. Weird.

Today I signed up for this:

A Doctor Who Virtual Race! The official details are here. Basically, you sign up for the 5K or the HM, do your miles on the honor system (with an official bib and everything), and they send you an awesome Doctor Who medal!!! I'm so excited!! The whole time I'll pretend I'm in an episode. Knowing myself, I'll have a whole storyline thought up and it will be epic.

My diet has been fairly good this week. I ate out 3 times (two with friends, once because I just didn't feel like making food), but tried to make healthier choices. I've cut out all cookies, donuts, cakes, and candy for the month. I tried to also cut out Coke, but I decided to just make that one an all-the-time change and limit it to very infrequently. This month, I've only had two cokes. Which is a huge deal for me. This week hasn't been so good with fruits/veggies, but has been good in other ways.

I'm also down a pound this week! My goal is to be down 10 pounds, or one pant size, by the time I go to Iceland. Oh yeah! I didn't tell you I'm going to Iceland! In exactly one month. With my 2 best friends. We're gonna hike glaciers and ride furry horsies through lava fields and see the northern lights. It's going to be amazing.

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