Tuesday, October 8, 2013

The Time I Got Rad

September's adventure was so great! 

We drove down to Seekonk, sat in traffic, and made it just in time for our corral to start at the Color Me Rad 2013 event! What a BLAST!

This is our Before Picture. Notice the very white shirts? Color Me Rad is a 5K run where along the course they throw colored powder (and occasionally liquid) at you, like this:

Now, I've mentioned before that my friend and I signed up for a half marathon. Because we're crazy. So this was a nice intro to organized racing (even though it wasn't a race. It wasn't even timed.) But, it was hotter than I usually run in. And I learned that eating breakfast at 6:30am, when you don't start running til 10am is a bad idea. At least for me. It was a very tough run in that sense since I was basically running on empty. But I made it! It was so exciting to see the finish line come into view:

We got a little separated from each other in the last color pit, so we didn't finish together, but we all finished!! And then we walked back to get a finish line shot. I love this picture. 

Once we finished (and doused each other with additional color), I don't think was there any white left on our shirts. My glasses were covered, there was color in my ears and nose, and I had nice little colorful sweat rainbows at my elbows...and I couldn't have been prouder! 

After the run, we rubbed off as much as we could and went to the mall in our finisher t-shirts. And somehow we must look like respectable grown-ups now, because even though we were sweaty and colorful, the man at Tiffany's still offered to let us try on the diamond rings! It's probably a good thing we didn't go in to the store like we did to the Color Me Rad Color Blast:

This was such an awesome event and I would highly reccommend it! It's designed to be a fun event, so anyone can do it! There were people in wheelchairs and moms with strollers. Definitely a really really fun time that you should do if you have the chance! This may be my favorite picture from the day, my first-ever completed organized run:

Sadly, Color Me Rad doesn't have medals, but they do send e-badges:

I am a finisher!! WOO HOOO!!!

Anyone ever do Color me Rad or something similar? How'd you like it?

Friday, October 4, 2013

"The Exodus Road"

It's Freedom Friday! 

And today's post is both a book review and a post about The Exodus Road. See, the founders just wrote a book! And it's currently on sale!

Amazing things can happen when ordinary people say yes to a powerful God. Such is the story of Laura and Matt Parker (is it weird that I've been reading about them online for so long I kinda feel like I know them in real life? Anyways.....) In this short book, Laura recounts their journey from average family to abolitionist heroes.

As missionaries in SE Asia, the Parker's come face-to-face with the evils of human trafficking and realize they can't sit silently while children and innocent people are being harmed.  But what can two average people do to fight such a dark, overwhelming crime? Through research and God's leading, the Parker's team up with other activists in the area and begin entering brothels, seeking out those who need rescue. Soon they form The Exodus Road coalition, "a road to leave slavery and bondage".

The book goes on to describe how The Exodus Road quickly grew from an idea to an organization active in several countries, with nearly 200 rescues to date. This group is on the front lines, facilitating rescue in the darkest, seediest places in the world, and this book is the story of how it all started. It's simple, honest, and a great insight into how sometimes the extraordinary is started with a very ordinary family.

I've been following Laura's blog since just before the Exodus Road was formed. I've watched this organization grow into something so powerful and I am impressed with not only the organization, but also with the Parkers. These people are real-life role heroes doing the dirty work of rescue. They are humble, and loving, and are doing things I haven't seen from other organizations. One of my favorite things is getting a text from them. They send texts whenever a raid is about to happen, or has just happened. Few things are more exciting than a text saying a brothel was raided and 89 women were set free. My only complaint about this book? I wanted it to be longer!

Want to get a copy of this book for yourself? Laura has the links in this blog post. More information on The Exodus Road and how to get involved can be found on their website.

Definitely check out this book, and find your way to get involved in the fight against human trafficking.
5/5 Stars

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Makin' Ketchup With My Body

August's adventure was a bit smelly, a lot messy, and really fun! We did The Tomato Bash! While I don't think I'll do it again (did I mention smelly?), it was a blast and I'm so glad we did it! 

So what is the Tomato Bash? Well, hundreds of people decided to spend a very warm summer day in a field. There is beer, if that's your thing. Also chocolate milk. And nearly two thousand pounds of non-edible tomatoes (read: too ripe, rotten, or otherwise unfit for consumption).

 It stinks. There's some time before the action starts, but there's music and costumes and a tomato foam machine to help make you red before the ketchup making begins. Also, the Nesquik Bunny.

Then, finally, the fun begins. The field that was simply a patch of earth a few minutes before becomes a battlefield, and everyone runs onto the tarp to start smashin' tomatoes! The rules say you must squash it before you throw it, which resulted in this epic shot:

(This photo made me love my new waterproof, life proof camera. It survived the bash, and look at that detail! Those drops of tomato juice! EPIC!!)

Kathryn and I were abandoned left on our own to fight this battle after a few minutes. It was both terrifying and amazing. (Please note the tomatoes flying in the background.)

Before too long, the ground was covered with the blood of angry tomatoes

And we sauntered off the battlefield, victorious. Here is the photo commemorating our epic bravery at the great Battle of Tomato 2013:

This is the stuff of legends, my friends.
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