Sunday, June 19, 2011

Great Moments in Leadership

A few weeks ago, I had a good car-talk with two girls about boys and dating. While I'm no expert at relationships (seeing as I'm practically chronically single with no immediate prospects), I gave them my tips that I have learned from observing and listening to smarter people. I passed on one of my favorite tips: writing a "husband wish list". Listing, in writing, what you want from a future spouse. Not little things like eye color or style, but things like has a heart for God, is a good listener, likes kids, shows patience, has a sense of humor, and shows wisdom. I've had one since I was 14 and it helps keep silly crushes at bay. If someone isn't a good match on my core values, they're not dating material for me. Plain and simple, no matter how cute they are.

So I shared all this with my girls. Last night, one of them came up to me all excited and said "I made a list!!" Then the other girl came up to me later and said that she and a friend she told about it also made a list. Yay for good relationships!

Also last night, on the car ride to an event, somehow all of the girls were talking about their level of comfort in talking to me. When one said she didn't really open up much to anyone, two of the others enthusiastically said that they felt they could talk to me about anything. I love being someone that teens feel totally comfortable with, someone they know they can come to with anything and be accepted and loved and get good advice :)

Finally, this morning I gave two kids their very first Bibles. One is a newly-9-year-old girl who has been timidly coming to church for about three weeks. She is a new Christian who has been coming with one of the ladies in the church. She was nervous to go to Sunday School last week, but I talked her into it and asked her if she had a Bible, she didn't, so I presented her with one today. After service, she came up and asked me to sign the "presented to/from" page so she would always remember. The other kid, a 13-year-old boy, comes to Sunday School about once a month with friends. I've had a really cool waterproof Bible waiting for him for weeks and he finally came today. So I pulled him aside, and gave it to him with a Bible-in-a-year plan. He wasn't excited by appearance, but was looking at it and through it so much I had to remind him to go back to class. After church, I saw him showing it off to his friends and their mom.

Leadership is full of ups and downs, craziness and busyness, but these are the moments that make it all worth it and keep you going through the hectic planning stages. And I wouldn't trade this for anything in the world!

Friday, June 3, 2011

Foot Creeper Two

I just got a message on my SparkPeople that was so funny/disturbing that I had to share! It's reminiscent of *this post* .

See, SP is the site I'm using to lose weight, as I've mentioned. And, as I've also mentioned, I'm rewarding myself along the way. The first reward I'll earn is a pedicure.

So I was on SP this morning, trying to earn enough points to get my next virtual trophy (don't judge!), when I found a message board post about toe polish. It asked "what colors are you wearing for summer?" So, I commented (worth 3 points), about how I'm one pound away from a pedicure and might branch out from my usual bright pink.

A few minutes later, I got a private message from someone named Investor that read:

Us foot guys are rooting for ya!! We love new toe colors lol [really happy emoticon]

Awwwwwkwardddddd.....and he hasn't even seen my toes! Plus, to make it a little creepier, his profile is unfindable, and he has no profile picture. Creeper.

**edit** Now, 20 minutes later, he has a picture and a profile....and I just realized he STARTED the thread....ooops.
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