Friday, May 28, 2010

For The Love of Toenails

So today, I got hit on (I think) at Dollar Tree.
I was standing in the aisle that has posterboard, teacher's supplies and a few wedding-type stuff. I was looking at the bulletin board supplies when the big tall black man next to me says "I like that nail polish." I looked over and was just sort of like, "Um, thanks," which apparently was the go-ahead for him to continue. "I just looked over and was like, wow! Those are nice toes!"

Now, I know I'm single and not really into the whole dating scene, but is this really considered a pick up line?! Or an appropriate conversation starter at Dollar Tree?! From there he went on to joke about how you come in for one thing and leave with a whole basketful. When I walked away a minute later, he wished me a good day....and I promptly texted my friends about my weird happenstance. Any my toes don't even look particularly cute today! I stubbed both of my big toes while I was away so the nails are all weird and the nail polish is chipping.

Moral of the story: Always have cute toes. And Dollar Tree can be a hopping place for singles!

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