Monday, May 17, 2010

It Makes Me Sad

Lately I've been noticing a sad change in the teens I work with. Lately I've seen the "good kids" -kids in leadership, even- doing and saying strange things on facebook. Now, I know teens are notorious for changing their minds or experimenting or whatever. I get that, but that's not what this is. And I'm not talking about teens that are consistently rebelling and leaving their church upbringing. Those people make me sad, too, but that's a different issue. I'm talking about the ones who have always had high morals, high values, the ones who have been the leaders in the group, who are now making dirty jokes (sometimes very dirty jokes) and joining the most ridiculous and disgusting groups. These are the same ones who then come to church or youth group and act all holy and look at me like nothing is going on. They defend it by saying it was just a joke.

Last night, one such girl, who I've been fairly close to over the years, had a dirty status. Lately I've been noticing these things happening on her page, suggestive statuses and groups, etc., and have gently confronted her. Last night was no different. I saw that another person my age had confronted her on the status, and I threw my two cents in as well. I said that I was tired of seeing people come to church and worship, but then have dirty jokes on their facebooks a few hours later. I said if the way you live doesn't match what you believe, then its wrong. Today I went on and found that she deleted me from her friends.

It makes me sad. There's only so much I can do. It's sad to not only see people going down a bad path like this, but to watch the total change and be powerless to stop it. It's sad to see people who used to come seeking advice turn around and ignore it.
It just makes me sad.

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