Tuesday, September 7, 2010

"Wedding Cake"

Another book review! "Wedding Cake" by Lynne Hinton. (published by Harper Collins imprint, Avon)This book was a big disappointment to me. Aside from the scattered writing and too-quick-and-easy wrap up, it was not what I expected. From the description, I expected an inspirational fiction with Christian themes. Instead, I found characters who attended church (one was even a pastor!) but never talked about God, and who had no problems with, and even almost encouraged, homosexuality, adultery, pseudo-polygamy, cursing, stealing and other big issues. I found these characters to behave like immature college kids, despite the fact they were supposed to be between 40 and 70 years old. The writing itself was hard to follow at times and would mention things that we never heard about (it did touch on things from the previous books, which I have not ready, but the issues I had all pertained to this book). I would not recommend this book.

2/5 stars.

Monday, September 6, 2010

"Finding Jeena"

Another book review for you! This time, "Finding Jeena" by Miralee Ferrell. (published by Kregel Publishing) Jeena Gregory had arrived. A great new job, expensive new car and condo, a perfect new life. What could go wrong? When her well-planned life starts falling apart and shadows of her past come back to haunt her, Jeena must re-examine her heart. Will she like what she finds?

I found this book to be long, kind of boring and predictable. The writing was okay, but too detailed. Ferrell used the same analogies and thoughts repeatedly, making the story drag on. The message of God's unconditional love was clearly expressed as the main theme of the story, but I had a problem with how it all wrapped up. While it was stated several times that God is not a sort of Santa Claus waiting to grant every request, the moment Jeena turned her life over to Him, everything miraculously fell into place. Overall, it was a decent book but not one I'm likely to recommend.

2.5/5 stars

Thursday, September 2, 2010

"The Vigilante's Bride"

I recieved "The Vigilante's Bride" by Yvonne Harris as part of the Early Reviewer program at LT last month. (Published by Bethany House)
Emily begrudgingly answers an ad for a mail-order bride expecting to find a new life in New Hope, Montana. What she doesn't expect is to be kidnapped from the stage on Christmas Eve and wind up helping at an orphanage with a handsome rancher, Luke Sullivan, the enemy of her would-be groom. Amidst apparent lies, missing cattle, and mysterious accidents and deaths, Emily loses her heart to Luke. Will love finally bring peace to his life, or more unease?

I really liked this book! Great story with plenty of action and drama. This was my first time reading anything by Harris but it won't be my last. She threw great little details into the story, even giving the horses adorable personalities! My one negative criticism is that Emily's character could've been better developed. There was a lot of potential, but it left me wanting more, especially compared with Luke's well-developed character and back story. All in all, a worthy read!
4/5 Stars!

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