Friday, May 21, 2010

When God Shows Off

I love when God shows off, even if no one else sees it.
Yesterday I was working 7-3 (after staying out past midnight for karaoke). I walked in to my favorite unit to check the schedule and where I was going to be. I was assigned to a floor I've only been to a handful of times, a floor that's not my favorite, mostly because I don't really know the residents and their routine, yada yada.

I was walking away from my favorite unit to this other unit, I prayed that I would have a nice, easy day and that even though it never happens and will never happen, could I please walk onto the unit and have them send me to over my favorite unit. So as I sucked it up and walked onto the unit, I smiled and said good morning to a fellow nurse who then promptly said she had asked the supervisor and could we please switch units today and did I mind going to my favorite unit?

How awesome is God?! Like, INSTANT answer to IMPOSSIBLE prayer. Seriously, this is the kind of thing that just doesn't happen over here. Usually, its the opposite. I'll be assigned to a unit I like and someone will ask to switch. I love when God shows off! And I still had a nice, easy day :)

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