Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Pinterest Projects!

Over the past few months I've been making things off Pinterest and decided to share with you! And if for some reason you don't know what Pinterest is, go check it out! I'll wait....or pin some things til you get back!

Okay, all caught up? Good. Let's see what I've been making!

First up is the Christmas presents I made. I found the template for these boxes on Pinterest, and they were SUPER easy to make!
I made little things to put inside, including these handwarmers! There are TONS of different tutorials for these, so I kinda just made it up.
This next one came from my head, not Pinterest. I made these for the Sunday School teachers at church. So simple and cute! I bought candles at the Dollar Tree, and a packet of blank address labels. Peeled off the candle labels, printed/stamped some labels, and put them on. Added a little ribbon for flair. Gotta have flair!
Next Up: Vacation Piggy Banks made from Shadow Boxes! I love these. Just need to find a saw to make the holes in the top. My cousin and I made these to save for a cruise, hence the nautical themes.
I've also found some fabulous organizing tips on Pinterest, like the Life Binder I shared a while back. This one is amazingly simple: T-shirt filing. Fold the t-shirts, and stack them in vertically. You can fit more in the drawer, and they're easier to find!
Finally, some movie day treats! I had a girls movie day at my house for some of my teen girls and wanted to make it special. So I designed these popcorn bags, loosely based on various candy bags I saw on Pinterest. They're stitched together, which might make me crazy, but they were soooo cute! And the girls loved them! I did learn, however, that you should sew in some wax or parchment paper to prevent the oil stains.
And what good is a movie party without fun cookies?! The Pinterest ones were brownies, and since I don't do chocolate, I made these! Way cuter, in my opinion. And soo yummy!
Well, that's it for now! My fabric should be done drying so I can get started on my next project: A duvet cover! Happy Pinning :)

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