Sunday, November 20, 2011

Life Binder

Sickness Update: I am feeling a lot better (not perfect, but better), but I have no voice. Like, none. Unless I consciously deepen my voice, the only thing that comes out is air. It's kinda funny.

So, in my surfing of organization blogs, I kept seeing different versions of a Home Management Binder coming up. They were all so pretty, and appealed to my slight OCD side, plus would be easy to make on my couch.
So I decided to make one.

With some changes. Because, well, I have no husband or kids to to keep track of. Just little old me. I don't need to track recipes or soccer practice. Just the bajillion little details of my own life. But since my current organization system is my coffee table, which looks like this:
I need something better. And prettier. Something that isn't a swirling vortex of messiness where papers go in but never come out. So I made my own
Life Binder!
It's a work in progress, but I hope to have it all figured out and in action by the new year.
I'm making my own printables as I go along (because I'm too cheap to pay for forms I can make myself...and because the ones I've found aren't really my style). Here's a peek at what I have so far:
(That "Ashley's Day" one? It's in a page protector so I can just check things off with dry erase marker, and start new each day! Brilliance!)

Tomorrow will start my 3rd annual Color Week! Can't wait!
This year's color round up is:
Monday: Royal Purple
Tuesday: Chartreuse
Wednesday: Orange
Thursday: Puce
Friday: Mega Mind's Head Blue
Saturday: Butterscotch
Sunday: Alizarin Crimson

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