Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Time Wasting

I feel like crap.
I just wanna climb into my bed and sleep for like 3 days.
But I'm going to karaoke.
It's my best friend's 25th birthday.
She hates birthdays.
Therefore, it's my job as bff to make it a great birthday.
I just used the term "bff".
I don't even think I could sing.
Unless she's right, and it's like Phoebe's "sexy voice".
I can only "breathe" when I'm sitting straight up.
I can mostly breathe, anyways.
This should make for a fun experience when I try to sleep later.
Hoping and praying this clears quickly.
I have to work at 7am tomorrow.
I most likely won't be home until 12 or 1am.
Tomorrow night is the Breaking Dawn premiere.
So I won't get much sleep tomorrow either.
I'm very excited for Breaking Dawn!!
I need to come up with a speech for Friday night.
Friday night is a fundraising dinner thing for my old high school.
I'm the alumni speaker.
I wonder if we have any sudafed upstairs?
'Cuz Tylenol cold isn't cutting it.
And the vitamin C isn't doing much either.
I should find tissues before I go out.
And get my scrubs ready for the morning.
I hope I feel better tomorrow.
I wanna go to the gym.
I've missed 3 days because of this cold.
What am I going to do for lunch at work tomorrow?
I forgot to go to the grocery store.
That's not totally true.
I had no money.
Time to wrap the birthday present.
And go be joyous.
I <3 my friends!

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