Monday, December 12, 2011

More for Your Money

I've been trying to clean and organize just about everything in my life. You've already seen the beginnings of my Life Binder. I've set a tentative goal to have everything in my life cleaned and organized by New Years, including my diet and exercise. Since I live with my parents, I don't have to buy meals (although I have started buying frozen meals for work), but I shop each week for healthy snacks. When I get them home, I divide them into portions so that I can easily grab a snack without overeating. This week, I also found some little containers at the Dollar Tree to aid in my quest for healthy eating! So here's what $5 will get you:
a pre-packaged box of nuts (7 servings, from a company known to be unethical to their workers) or nearly double the amount of fresh, organic nuts. Which would you choose?

Let's see, what else do I have to share with the interweb? Last week we went to the Festival of Trees! They had some uh-mazing deals going on! There was one tree that came with $900 in gift cards, plus a beautiful, handmade entryway bench. Another had $100 in airline tickets. Others came with a kindle, 31 bags (the brand, not 31 actual bags...), and a sewing machine! Sadly, I didn't win anything. But here are some pretty pictures!
That's a 31 bag. Apparently they're a big thing in organizing and such.
Black and White and Pink. Doesn't get much better in my book!
So wish I had won this tree.
I found Rudolph! The abominable snowman was there too :P
I have no idea what this dog is from, but it's kinda a thing of mine to take photos with fake people/animals when I go a collection.

Well. I don't have anything else to share right now. Happy December!

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