Saturday, December 17, 2011

The Conspiracy to Get Ashley Pregnant

There's a conspiracy, it seems, to get me married and pregnant.
It started out with a comment from a 90-year old woman. She said my "blouse" (scrub top) was nice, sexy. I took the compliment and let it slide. Old ladies tend to compliment.

Then I was in with an 80-something year old man. He just became a great-grandfather to triplets, and was showing me the photos. I did the appropriate "oh they're adorable!" because, well, they were. At 3-ish pounds each, and healthy, they were beautiful! So he jokes to his son, "now she's gonna go home and try for it!" I laughed and left the room saying I needed a husband for that.

At the end of the day, an aide asked how my little one was doing, and how he must be getting big now! I told her that I don't have kids, she said she confused me with another girl upstairs, but to not worry, "It will happen soon!" I laughed and said (for the second time in 5 hours) that I kinda needed a husband for that. So she replies "Don't worry, it's going to happen for you soon. 2012, it's going to happen! A great man for you!" and walked away.

And lastly, as I sit here writing this, I hear, "Christian? Single? There are plenty of Christian Singles online right now waiting to find God's perfect match!" Even TV Land wants to see me M&P!

So I guess that's it then. Obviously, I'm going to find a man, get married, and have triplets next year. Stay tuned, this blog could get a whole lot more interesting soon!


  1. Thanks for joining fiftyfifty! (Can we name one of the future triplets?)

  2. Thanks for the awesome idea! As far as the baby names....maybe we'll host a contest! Naming three kids is a tough job! haha :]


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