Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Uncreative Title

Well, not much going on today. I slept, read, worked. Some interesting tidbits from the day:

...I shocked myself so bad getting out of the car that I could see the bright blue flash....With the box truck gone from our driveway its hard to give directions to our house, although we can all park in the driveway now!....I think Lady Antebellum's song "I Need You Now" would be good for the soundtrack of New Moon....sorry for the abundance of Twilight-related comments lately, but I'm re-reading the books in preparation for next week's movie (OMG its next week!!!!)....I ate way too much today....but that chicken garlic pizza was just soo yummy!...A few of the residents had the CMA awards on in their rooms so I could hear some of the performances. I sang along while popping pills....I wanna do another picture week. I'll have to come up with something other than colors to do. Hmm.....

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