Sunday, November 29, 2009


2:Hours I slept last night
Hours spent today playing "Extreme-Reality Life": 2.5
3: Hours spent today playing new Wii SuperMario
Number of 'continues' used in Wii SuperMario: 22
3: Hours reading today (so far)
Days left til NYC: 13!
76:Days left til Peru!!
Percent of money I've raised for Peru: >50%
13: How badly I want to take myself to Europe
(0=not at all, 10=can I leave tomorrow?)
Number of days to finish reading challenge: 32.1
28.3:Number of books to finish reading challenge
Number of girls it took to destroy a bag of Bliss chocolates: 3
2:Books left to read in the Uglies series
Estimated number of times I wanted to learn to salsa during Tough Love 2: 14

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