Friday, November 27, 2009

Black Friday

After working 11-7 last night, I headed straight to the mall to get a new camera and a....Christmas gift for my brother ;) I am in love with my new camera! Its bright pink and takes great, fast pictures! And I bought it at Ritz and got their 1 year protection plan which covers literally ANYTHING that could happen to it, no matter whose fault it is! So if it falls into the Amazon River and is trampled by a herd of monkeys, as long as I bring the pieces back, they'll replace it! Yay! After that, I went to the Festival of Trees with my parents, sister and some family friends. I love the Festival of Trees! Hundreds of pretty Christmas trees all decorated in different themes....and you have a chance to win one! I put a bunch of my tickets into this one tree that was plywood covered in bottlecaps and jewelry. I really wanna win it! It was sooo me! After a far-too-short nap, I went to youth group, only to leave early when I nodded off many times during worship. Now, after being awake for roughly 32 hours, I'm going to bed!

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