Sunday, November 15, 2009

Sunday Date Night

I love date nights! And no, not that kind of date. These are date nights with the girls. After the busy morning at church, I indulged in a bubble bath (something I do frequently) and started reading some of the books I bought at CBD (Crazy Love, Jesus Mean and Wild, and Miss Invisible). So far they're all good, so look for reviews soon. After Ashley-time, three of my friends came over for our standing date night. We ate yummy salad and shepherds pie, watched The Ugly Truth, and just hung out until it was time for the main attraction: Tough Love. I love this show! Combined with The Ugly Truth it seems our date night stood to show us why we're all single (or in M's case, the exception that proves the rule). We have decided- half jokingly- to buy Steve's book and study it together. Of course, we came up with several other crazy plans...some of the tamer ones being to take dance classes with random men and stand in elevators.....Gotta love date night with the girls!

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