Saturday, November 21, 2009

Gosh I Wanna Go!

I really really wanna go! Someplace! Today we raked all day to raise money for our Peru trip and I spent most of the time thinking about how badly I want to travel. I kept thinking about the stories in Rolf Potts' book Marco Polo Didn't Go There and on his website's blog. And I kept singing this song (of course, I'm always singing this song lately).

I love the line in there "Its crazy, I know, to count on this road to give me what I need. But with every state line somehow I find another part of me". Thats sorta what travel is to me. Even when all I do is a day trip somewhere, it relaxes me and revives me, and in some small way, I learn something about myself and God, even if I don't realize it right away. Each trip I take changes me in some way.

Here's what I have planned for the next year or so, minus random daytrips:
December 2009: NYC day trip with my cousin
February 2010: Peru!
June 2010: Hershey, PA as chaperone for a senior class trip
Fall/Winter 2010: solo trip to Europe?
Summer 2011: Greece with my girl Erin =D

I'm seriously thinking about this solo trip thing. For alot of reasons. I've heard alot about it lately. I want to go someplace and don't have many friends who can/will just pick up and go. Plus, I really don't mind being alone and I think a solo trip would be fun and a great learning experience. Learning about the world, learning to make new friends in strange places, learning to be really self-sufficient, learning to take "risks" and get outside of my self and my little bubble. And it would be a great time for me to be outside of myself and totally relying on God and experiencing Him in a totally new way. So I think I'm gonna do it....Thoughts?

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  1. yes i have many thoughts on this...lets talk :)


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