Monday, November 16, 2009

Sudoku in the City

I like sudoku. I forgot how much. The other day at work it was pretty slow, so I did the one in the paper. It took me about 40 minutes. So today, I brought my own sudoku, just in case. And I did use it! I got through 1 and 1/2 puzzles in my downtime...the second one was a toughy so I'll finish it later tonight or tomorrow, we'll see what kinda mood I'm in.
I also realized I should start carrying my checkbook. I forgot it yesterday, so I couldn't pay my tithe. I didn't have it today so I couldn't pay for a trip. Along with this observation is the exciting announcement that I am almost-officially going to NYC next month with my cousin for a day of fun, sightseeing and photography! (I say "almost" only because I still have to give them the check). I'm sooo excited! Plus, I think it just happens to be the day they do the tree lighting! YAY!!!

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