Friday, November 1, 2013

Five Fire Trucks

It's the start of NaBloWriMo!! Woot woot! And boy, have I got a story for you.

I was supposed to work today at 7am. I only have a 3 minute commute, so I don't usually get up before 6 for work. So today, I roll out of bed at about ten past, and stumble upstairs to start my day (I should mention, I don't wake up well. It takes me a while, and my family knows that if they try to talk to me within 20 minutes of waking up, I probably won't respond.) So I open the door into the kitchen, and my mom immediately asks, "Do you smell that?" Umm....yes? What's burning. "I have no idea." we look around the house, can't find anything. No one has cooked anything yet, except to start the coffee. The rubbery, burning-mechanical stench kept getting stronger, and was the strongest next to the front door. Not in the kitchen. Not in the rest of the house, just super strong at the front door. So, we call the fire department who tells us to evacuate the house. So as I was walking out the door, I called work to say I wouldn't be in on time, if at all. Then this happened:
(Sorry for the poor quality. Phone. Dark. Early.)

We had five fire engines, the fire chief, and two police cars outside our house at 6:30am. While they searched our house with their noses and fancy infrared scanners, we stood outside and made Instagram videos. What else were we supposed to do outside in the dark in our pajamas?

After a little bit, they came out and said there's nothing. They figure there must've been something on the stove when we put the coffee on, but otherwise everything was fine. Except it reeked. By the end we could smell it in the driveway. So, since we couldn't stomach being in the house, we went for breakfast! Yummm.....Owl Diner :)

When we could finally get back in the house to get dressed and everything, I called work, but they didn't need me anymore. Someone who was supposed to be off showed up and I got a free day off. Which was really good because I was exhausted. After a nap, my sister and I went out shopping, just to keep us busy til bedtime. In the process, I found what I would like for Christmas, please:

Yup, that's a plush Eleventh Doctor. And he talks. And his screwdriver lights up and makes the vvvvrrrrrrrr noise. Plus his hair. His hair is what I imagine David Tennant's hair to be like. He's amazing.

So, there you have it. My crazy day. How was your day?

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