Friday, November 8, 2013

12 Years a Slave

I thought I was just going to go out for dinner tonight. But my dinner date decided she didn't feel like dinner, she wanted to see a movie. She really wanted to see 12 Years a Slave, and I'm always down to learn more about slavery, so I looked it up and found a theatre near us, and off we went. Before we left, I didn't really know anything about this movie, except it was about slavery. I watched the trailer before I left the house (and was very excited to see that Benedict Cumberbatch was in it!!). Here's the trailer:

This movie is incredible. The cinematography is unlike most movies in that they give you so much silence and stillness. They give you time to process and absorb the emotions of each gruesome, graphic scene. And believe me, there are plenty of hard-to-watch moments.

Movies like this always make me angry that this kind of evil has happened...then it makes me even more angry to think it's still happening. Maybe it's not as public or accepted as it was back then, but slavery is still a very real thing in our world. There are more slaves in the world at this moment than there were in all the years leading up to the emancipation of the late nineteenth century.

That kills me! While it's impossible to know how I would have reacted if I lived back then, I like to think I wouldn't have sat quietly by while so many people were brutalized. And if I wouldn't have allowed it to happen back then, how can I allow it to happen now?

There's no easy answer to that. The issue of modern-day slavery, of human trafficking is so much bigger than any one person can understand or combat. Nearly every part of life in today's world is impacted by slavery. There are layers of economic and relational problems that contribute to the reality of human trafficking. Nearly 30 million men, women, and children enslaved as I type this. It's impossible for one person to make that all disappear.

But that's okay. Because my one person is determined to take action. And my one person can join with your one person. Then we two people can join with another two, until we are a big, strong force for freedom in the world. One person can make a difference, but many people working together can turn the world upside down.

It takes one decision. One choice to not sit quietly while others suffer. To take action when you get the chance. I promise that when you decide to take action, the opportunity will present itself. Learn about the issues in this world, and find your action to help end the horrors of human trafficking. Because no one should be enslaved.

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