Wednesday, November 13, 2013

12 Signs You Were Raised in Sunday School

I am a church kid through and through. Some of my earliest memories are of church. I grew up in Sunday School and Children's Church and Rainbows and everything else there was. Because of this, I've learned that there are some signs that show you were raised in Sunday School. As all good SS kids know, 12 is the best number (except for 7, the holiest of all numbers). There were 12 tribes, 12 disciples....and now the top 12 Signs You Were Raised in Sunday School!

1) You can't find anything in the Bible without singing The Song. You know The Song. It may be different than my version of The Song, but if you're a Sunday School kid, you absolutely learned The Song at some point. Speaking of songs....

2) Most Bible verses quoted in a sermon or conversation spark a reminder of the song that helped you learn said verse. "Beloved, let us love one another, for love is of God, and anyone who loves is born of God...." (You totally just sang that, didn't you?)

3) You consider a singing songbook, a living cartoon, an orange puppet, a middle-aged sherif, a living donut, a super book, and/or talking vegetables your friend. Best friends. The kind you spend Saturday mornings with, and hope the teacher shows on Sunday mornings. (You know you grew up in Children's Church when you know the names of all the references I just made.)

4) You're disappointed you no longer get snacks at church. Fishies, Nilla wafers, graham crackers, with a side of apple juice...those were the days.

5) You're disappointed current life lessons aren't taught with playdoh. Creation? Let's use playdoh! God trades our heart of stone for one of flesh? Playdoh time! Learning to pay bills? Why is there no playdoh?!

6) Flannelgraphs. It's a sad fact of life that today's youth will grow up in a Sunday School without flannelgraph. The magic of watching the story unfold with printed pieces of felt was like really being there. And when you got to be the one to put the piece on the board? Awesome.

7) You know sword drills has nothing to do with a metal weapon. I can sing The Song super my're goin' down! 

8) You would pray to not get chosen to pray in front of the class. "Don't let the teacher pick me! God, I don't mind praying. I like talking to you, but please don't make me do it in front of the other kids!"

9) You've been smacked in the eye with a palm leaf. True story. One Palm Sunday all the kids had to sing in front of the church while waving palm branches. Do you know what happens when you tell kids to stand next to each other and wave a palm branch? Things get out of control and someone will get hurt. Probably me. Let's stick to teaching them how to make those things into a cross (I still haven't been able to figure that one out!)

10) You accidentally told another kid that Santa doesn't exist. Because you've been told all your life that Santa wasn't real, and as a kid you need to always be right in front of the other kids. "I hope Santa brings me a new bicycle!" "No he won't! Santa's not real! My mom said so." *extreme crying and angry parents*

11) Now that you're grown, you wonder why a song who's only lyrics are, "I am a Christian and I have Christ in my heart and I will live eternally" takes so long to sing...or why it's so much fun to sing. Especially when followed by a song just as inexplicably titled "Father Abraham".

12) You've prayed The Prayer at least 314534 times. Just to make sure you were truly saved.

Can you relate? Share your favorite Sunday School-ism with me! 

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