Tuesday, November 5, 2013

When Did I Become a Grown-Up??

Okay, so I know I'm technically a grown-up. I know I lead a ministry, pay taxes, own a car, and pay bills and things. I know when I go to work people's lives literally depend on me. But still. When did I become a real grown-up?

I mean, I'm just starting to accept the fact that people I went to school with are married with kids. That younger classmates now have multiple children. Meanwhile, I spent this past Sunday with my best friends buying and wearing wigs, playing with empty B.B. guns, and yelling at the TV while eating grilled cheese. (And it was AWESOME, by the way. I was the pirate Captain Calliope Blackwater)
[Photo Cred: Kathryn]
(Don't mind my gums...I have no idea what I was doing with my mouth...growling, maybe?)

Then today I go to a meeting and learn that someone I was in youth group with just wrote a book. His second book. He's also an assistant professor, has been in Forbes and Bloomberg's BusinessWeek, and speaks around the country (including "little" events like SXSW and TEDx).

Guys, I have a picture of this dude when his hair was Highlighter Yellow. Somewhere in my house is a beautiful poem he wrote...about the need to pee. I distinctly remember a youth group ride in the back of a camper, singing songs, then listening to him quote said pee poem before talking about some deep thing I didn't understand. And now he's a big fancy business man, inspiring others with his presentations on leadership and innovation.

I know he's a few years older than I am, but seriously? How am I old enough to have peers doing stuff like that? Anyways, congrats on your new book! Now I'm off to plan a big world-takeover of my own....from my blanket fort (NOT to be confused with a pillow fort. Don't be silly. A blanket fort is much more serious.)


  1. If I'm 37 and still sing songs about needing to that a bad thing Ashley?
    And if my blanket fort is made out of luxurious, beautiful "adult" blankets....does it make it more acceptable?
    I'm feeling conflicted now Captain Blackwater!

    1. Singing songs about needing to pee isn't inherently bad. But methinks most business people aiming for Forbes etc would not want to publicize that fact. And I have zero issues with blanket forts! My friends and I regularly construct such beautiful abodes, whether made from cartoon-print sheets or luxurious blankets, it doesn't matter so much. Pillow forts, on the other hand, are a bit more juvenile and must only be constructed on very special occasions when one is trying to evade responsibility ;)


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