Friday, November 8, 2013

Pseudo Doubles

Wow. I'm really not doing so hot with NaBloWriMo this year! I think because I don't want to just write silly boring "Today I did..." posts. And not much exciting has happened this week, except what I've already told you about!

Today was alright. I ran six miles this morning (go me!), the furthest yet. It was also my slowest average pace ever because I just wasn't feeling it. But I did it, so that's something. In the rain, no less. And my pace was just under what it needs to be for Disney, so now I know that even if I'm having a bad day like today, I won't be picked up by the loser train. (You have to maintain a 16:00 mile avg. Today's run was a 15:30. Cutting it super close.)

After lunch and a nap, I worked the 3-11 shift. It was a bit crazy, as we have some very sick people at the moment. I got report/count an hour late because day shift was so insane, and I didn't leave until midnight because I had to catch up on the paperwork I didn't touch during my shift (everything else was done at a decent time, though. Just non-stop moving.)

And now, after the busy shift and getting out late, I get to go back for 7am! Aren't I so lucky? And I'll be on the exact same unit/cart that I had tonight. I don't know if that's a good thing or not.

Pros: I know what's going on with everyone. I made my cheat sheet before I left. I can make sure everything is followed up in the AM.
Cons: It'll feel like I never left. It's crazy with all my little sickies and should-be-hospice-ers.

The biggest problem with these "Pseudo Doubles" as I like to call them, is the lack of quality sleep. Especially tonight, I didn't leave work til 12am. Then by the time I get home, get comfy, unwind a bit (especially needed after a night like tonight), maybe have a snack, it's at least 1am. That gives me 5 hours to sleep. Less if I plan to shower. Ugh. I like sleep. Guess I'll have to trade it for a breakfast Coke tomorrow.

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