Thursday, November 1, 2012

NaBloWriMo 2012 Kicks Off!

It's NaBloWriMo!! This is the fourth year I'm doing this (also my fourth year of blogging! Wow). NaBloWriMo doesn't really even exist anymore (see last years kickoff about that), but I like it, so I'm doing it! NaBloWriMo is a month long blogging challenge to blog every day. However, I'm traveling this week, so I may not have a quality post, or even a post every day this week. But oh well.

So wanna know where I am and why I'm posting from my phone? Well, I'm at Not For Sale's Global Forum again! Loving this conference even more than last year! And then when the conference ends tomorrow night, we're driving up to Yosemite and we'll spend all of Saturday exploring the park and adventuring. Then Sunday we'll drive down the California coast to go spend a few days with our friend in San Diego. Can you say, Epic Trip?! And of course, this is all not even two weeks after I returned from (and can't wait to return to) the Dominican Republic! This month is awesome. The timing of these trips with NaBloWriMo means I may actually be good about blogging about these trips :)

So if you have anything you'd like to hear from me about, let me know and maybe I'll post about it for NaBloWriMo! For now, it's bedtime. Happy November everyone!

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