Saturday, November 3, 2012

Gas Milage

Already a day behind on NaBloWriMo but I did warn you. So today we spent the day driving around Yosemite, since we only had a day here and wanted to see as much as possible. Our rental car (which is completely awesome, by the way) has a digital odometer that also tells your gas milage. It changes based on speed and brake usage (I think). And for some reason, maybe the Jeremy Camp playing on the radio, it made me think about life with God.

See, every time it's my turn to drive the car, it's like a game to see how high I can get the gas milage to be (so far it's been 38.4mpg), so I try to keep a steady pace, not braking much. And I couldn't help comparing it to my spiritual life. How we have a spiritual "gas milage meter". God has a plan for our lives. When we try to move too fast and get that plan on our own, we run out of gas (energy). Similarly, if we lag behind or keep hitting the brakes, we miss out on what He has, and also run out of energy before we should. We need to find that sweet spot of trusting in His will for us and going confidently in that direction in order to fully experience the best views with the most energy.

I know this may be a little cheesy, but Jesus always taught with the things He had around, and this was one way I connected with Him today. Especially after the Global Forum and this time of seeking His will for me. Hope you got something from it too!

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