Friday, November 16, 2012

Lazy and Lax

Oops. I've fallen off the blogging wagon. Sorry. Tomorrow morning I will (try my hardest) to get a post or two up before I head out to celebrate my best friends birthday. I've been lazy all week, since I only worked one day all week. I've just been reading and watching geeky TV shows.

Over the summer I got super addicted and into Doctor Who (Ah-MAZING show)! Like, really into it. Like, watched all six seasons in about a month. Then made my brother and friends start watching. Now I'm working on obtaining and watching the originals from the 60s. So I'm branching out to see how far my new-found geekiness goes. After Who, I started Sherlock (BBC version=awesome), and Torchwood (which gets super dark, so I stopped). This week I started reading (and watching Harry Potter), and I like it more than I expected. Then I realized I had extra time, so I started Firefly, which apparently is just going to end after 14 episodes and a movie :(

But, watching Firefly halfway through, I've come to a conclusion about something. Something about people named River (which, btw, is going to be the name of my first daughter. I am in love with River Song! Seriously, I want to be her).  People named River  are all a little crazy, somehow know more than they should, and kick butt. Fact.

So, that's my geekiness. I'm loving this new geekiness and all the fun things it brings. Are you a geek? What with?

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