Sunday, November 25, 2012

Brown Sunday

I started this day with a photo of the empty sanctuary, before everyone came (I was the only one in the building and it was so peaceful!)

Then I just now spent an hour with my dad going through a box of old stuff his grandfather had given him years ago. Going through it, it's mostly about my dad's grandfather's brother, who was killed in WWI. The box had letters he had on him from his parents, photos, his death certificate, some medals, letters from the military, and other things. The ones I found the most interesting we're the letter from King George (seen below), the letter from one of the other soldiers in his division who was there when he was injured and described what happened for his mom, and the last letter he wrote his mom (dated 4 days before his death). He died exactly 71 years before I was born. It was cool to learn this part of my family's history!

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