Saturday, November 10, 2012


Born without limbs, Nick Vujicic has had to overcome a lot of obstacles, including depression and a suicide attempt, to now be living the full life God designed for him. He travels the globe inspiring and encouraging people, in addition to running a business designed to do the same. I've seen some of his videos online, so I was excited for the chance to read this book, but unfortunately it did not live up to expectations.

This is Vujicic's second book and is more inspirational than biographical. He addresses a lot of the hard times he's faced and encourages others to push through their own dark moments to achieve the incredible life God has planned for them.

I know Nick is inspirational. I know that he's impacted thousands with his life and passion. And I really wanted to like this book. But it didn't do it for me. It seemed like he was trying to specifically address every dark moment anyone would ever face, yet every time he'd start to talk about an issue, then say he's not an expert. He very superficially addressed several topics to provide "encouragement" to people struggling with those issues, yet a lot of what he said seemed like platitudes. Like a wordier version of "just hang in there". Vujicic also used a lot of stories others have sent him over the years of facing and conquering difficulties in their lives, yet somehow it always seemed to come off as Vujicic bragging about all the lives he's touched. Of course he always gave God the glory, but it still just felt off to me. The other negative I have from this book is that he would frequently quote something (usually the Bible) but not give a reference! For someone who's an evangelist, isn't that supposed to be the first thing?? Tell people where to find that encouraging word of God?!

Overall, this was an okay book. It wasn't horrible, but I wasn't impressed. Too much crammed in but not adequately addressed. There are plenty of books I'd recommend to struggling friends...but this isn't one of them.

3/5 Stars

*I recived this book from Waterbrook Multnomah in exchange for an honest review*

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