Saturday, November 10, 2012

Nine Things

For the ninth day of November here's nine things I'm thankful for (beyond the typical "family, friends, health, home, job" stuff. Meaning some of this may be ridiculous. But give me a break, I've been awake for almost twenty hours!)

1) The heating pad to make my bed toasty in my cold basement room.

2) The iPhone Blogger app so I can blog from above toasty bed.

3) A clean, funny, intellectual show to obsess over (Doctor Who!!!!!!)

4) The adventure of new beginnings.

5) Serving in ministry with an awesome group of people for so many years.

6) Pinterest recipes! Cake batter dip= SO GOOD!

7) The ability (i.e. time, money, etc) to travel pretty much whenever and wherever I want.

8) Good books to get lost in.

9) The weird peace I have even though I'm only working one day next week.

So that's my nine things for the day. What're yours?

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