Friday, October 12, 2012

"The Just Church"

This is exactly the kind of book I've been looking for! While most books on justice present the issue in varying depths and ways, then call for action, they usually lack any practical steps to move from knowledge to application. This book is not like that. Jim Martin, Vice President of Church Mobilization at International Justice Mission, basically assumes you have a foundation of what injustice/justice are, gives a brief refresher course on the issues, and dives in to show you what to do with all that information.

One thing I was not expecting, and really enjoyed, was that this "how-to" didn't even start until more than 100 pages into the book. Instead, Martin starts the book by preparing and encouraging those who desire to engage in the work of justice. He prepares you for the difficulties that are certain to arise when working against such evil forces. Once he ensures that individuals are on solid footing, only then does he move on to teach how to engage a body of believers in the monumental task of restoring justice.

While he cannot give specific action steps, since every church will need to respond in a unique way, with their unique blend of talents and resources, Martin does a beautiful job of outlining the process of making justice a key value and action in your church. This book is truly an amazing handbook for justice ministries, the first of it's kind, to my knowledge! It's written in an easy-to-understand, quick-paced way that gets you excited and seeing the possibilities. I am leaving this book with a renewed passion for justice, and a compass (as Martin calls it) to lead others towards a better world.

A must read for any church leader, but especially those with a passion for justice. Buy it here.

5/5 Stars

(I recieved this book free from IJM in exchange for an honest review)

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