Friday, May 31, 2013

We Are Watching

Do you remember being thirteen? What your life was like then? What you were worried about?

I was in 8th grade. My biggest concern was if my parents would allow me to go to Roller Kingdom with everyone else on Saturday night...well, that and if a certain boy would ask me to skate during the couples skate. Thirteen was when I started going to youth group, and roughly the same time I first learned to "Kiss Dating Goodbye". I have a bunch of silly memories from that time, a few bad, but overall thirteen was a pretty good, albeit awkward, time in life.

But not everyone is so lucky. There are some parts of the world where thirteen means servicing grown men several times a day. Where thirteen means pain, humiliation, and slavery. And there are places where the unthinkable act of pedophilia isn't afraid to show it's face in public, because they think no one is watching. But we are
We Are Watching from The Exodus Road on Vimeo.

We are watching. Rescue is coming. The Exodus Road team is in place and ready to bring these pedophiles to justice and these girls to restoration. As I type this, there is a raid being planned for the next few hours to bust some pedophiles. And we all get to play a role in this rescue!

First, keep updated by following The Exodus Road on Facebook and Twitter, or by texting "ER" to 51555 for live updates from the field.

Then, donate. It costs $35 for one night of investigation in Southeast Asia. This week The Exodus Road and the blogging team I am part of are aiming to support one complete month of operations. That's a total of $1,050 by Sunday June 2nd. Will you help bring freedom to young girls held in brothels?

Giving is easy. From your smartphone you can text "4thekids" to 41444. Or to donate online, click here and put "bust a pedophile" in the comments section. Donate whatever amount you can. This blog has 15 followers, and gets an average 25 views per FF post. If each of you donate just $10 (one movie ticket), that's 6 nights of investigations and operations that we fund. Six nights of bringing justice and restoration to girls trapped in sex trafficking. Six nights that weren't possible before. All for the price of one movie.

So join me. Let's let these men and their victims know that someone is watching. Someone is acting. Rescue is coming.

If you could leave a note of encouragement for the ER staff and operatives, what would you say? Leave it in the comments below.

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