Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Grieving the Spirit

I have a wall next to my bed that I refer to as my "Inspiration Wall". It's full of magazine clippings and post-its with inspiring quotes (and a few pictures). When I need a boost, I look at the wall and find the one that speaks to me that day. As I passed by yesterday, I noticed this one from Francis Chan's Forgotten God:
It's a powerful thought from a powerful book. Then this morning I was reading Ephesians chapter 4 when I came to verse thirty: "Do not bring sorrow to God's Holy Spirit by the way you live."

How often do we really think about if our actions are causing sorrow or joy to the Spirit of God? If you are saved, His Spirit is in you. Are your actions making that clear? Or do your actions cause the Holy Spirit of God, living inside you, to grieve?

It's a question that can stop you in your tracks. And it's a question that leads to others.
What actions in my life bring sorrow to the Holy Spirit?
Does a lack of action cause the Spirit to grieve?
How can I live in a way that brings the Spirit of God joy?
This is a thought I am hoping to carry into the rest of the week with me, to ask myself at various times, "Am I causing sorrow to the Holy Spirit? Am I behaving like His chosen dwelling?" I pray that the answer will be yes.

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