Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Early Morning Curses

A blogger I follow posted this to Instagram recently (pay attention to v.14):
I love it! I am so not a morning person...although, I'm realizing that my body does function better when I'm up early and to bed early. Darn.

My family will tell you, you can't talk to me in the morning. It takes me at least half an hour to ease into the day. I take after my dad in that way. I get up slow and don't really say anything until I fully wake up. The best you can hope for is some grunts or moans. Try to talk to me about things of importance, and you'll get blinks and stares. I am not a morning person.

But look what it says in the Bible! That a loud greeting in the morning is like cursing. I love that this is in the Bible. I think God put it in there for people like me, so others would treat us kindly before we're fully awake. Youth leaders out there, take note! This should be one of those obscure verses in your arsenal to quote to teens at youth retreats and such.

So are you a morning person? Or are you more like me?

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