Friday, March 15, 2013

Not Enough Tears

Welcome to Freedom Friday!

Freedom Friday is the time I share about all things justice, whatever comes up or comes to mind. I know it's been a few weeks, but eventually I'll make this a weekly thing. For now, I'm aiming for at least once a month, hopefully twice.

This week's Freedom Friday comes by way of a friend's newest music video, Not Enough Tears. Take a look:

Ever feel like that? Like there's not enough tears to cry because a situation is so bad? I know I have.

For the child with absentee parents,
The father struggling to provide for his family,
The family with no hope in a two-thirds-world country,
The young girl trapped in a brothel,
The parents watching their child slip away from illness,
The boy forced to be a soldier,
The woman and her children mourning her husband's murder,
The couple unable to have children,
The young man working long hours in a brick factory.

Sometimes the realities of these situations are so overwhelming that our tears seem inadequate. Why isn't the whole world outraged at this? Why am I the only one crying? Doesn't anyone else see these horrific tragedies? How are there not more tears shed for them?

It's at those times all we can do is let go and wait for rain. Wait for relief. Wait for rescue. But at the same time, we need to know that we've been given hearts that break for these situations so that we can take action. Sometimes God sends the rain, the rescue through us.

So cry the tears. Allow the broken heart. Then do something.

Need ideas? Here's 5 ways to take action against slavery from The Exodus Road:
  1. Educate Yourself. Take some time to research the issue of modern day slavery. Check out the slavery map on It’s a great resources. You may also want to visit CNN’s Freedom Project for resources and current news stories.
  2. Write your Congressman. International Justice Mission does a fantastic job lobbying governments to make changes that support freedom. Stop by their site and sign their latest petition. You can visit them by clicking HERE.
  3. Buy Fair Trade. Since the majority of slavery involves labor, make an effort (and spend the money) to purchase fair trade items as much as possible. This is a practical way you advocate for the oppressed as a consumer. Consider checking out places like or Yobel Market to shop for gifts, and take a few minutes to see what your Slavery Footprint is.
  4. Socially Share. Commit that every time you see something about slavery or justice, you’ll take the time to share it with your online circle of influence. When you consistently share, you become an advocate for positive social change. Like anti-trafficking organizations on facebook and follow them on twitter– this will help abolition efforts to remain at the forefront of your attention, too. This is a simple, practical, and free way you can actively become an abolitionist.
  5. Donate to Freedom Efforts. Find a specific organization that fights trafficking and do research on their efforts, their financials, their methods. When you feel good about their work, start by choosing a specific project that connects with you, like financially supporting prevention efforts in the United States with Love146 or helping a national undercover investigator with The Exodus Road buy a covert camera.

Other worthwhile organizations working against other justice issues:
IJM is combatting injustice by legislation.
Invisible Children seeks to end the atrocities of the LRA's child soldiers.
ONE fights against all areas of poverty.
Compassion provides hope for children and families living in poverty.

Whatever issue(s) stirs your heart, get out there and take action! Uses the tears as fuel to keep you going, and to wash away the hurt in the world.

What breaks your heart and makes you think there's not enough tears to cry? What do you do to end that issue? Please share!

Now, believe it or not, there is good news in the battle against injustice. This video from Bono is a little long, but it's worth watching. Extreme poverty can be ended in our lifetime, and we've seen crazy results over just the past ten years. I don't know about you, but I plan to continue fighting injustice, and to see extreme poverty and issues like slavery eradicated fully in my lifetime!

"We are going to win because the tears that come from our eyes, actually come from our hearts."

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