Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Celebrating Idiosyncrasies

For some reason last night I was thinking about all the weird things that make me me. Those little things that few people understand. I'm sure you've got some too. Like, who doesn't like to mutate themselves in PhotoBooth?
I really had way too much fun with that when I first got my Mac last week. 
Waayyy too much fun! haha. 

But seriously, there are some things about each of us that are just plain WEIRD. But those are the things that make us unique, that make us who we are. And I believe that in time, we find out why God created us with those little idiosyncrasies. Why we love some things and hate others is all a part of what we're created for. Well, mostly.

Here's some of the things that make me who I am, and yes, some of them are strange. And no, I don't know where they came from.

  • I LOVE taking baths. My record is being in there for 3 hours...then they made me get out. 
  • I am very particular about my bedtime routine. Even when on vacation or anything else, I'm very set in my preparing-for-bedtime ways.
  • One of my favorite foods is a peanut butter and button candy sandwich. YUM!
  • I can turn almost anything into a song quote...or a Doctor Who reference.
  • I've become seriously addicted to Doctor Who. (Okay, that's not so weird) 
  • On nice days I occasionally go super out of my way to drive home, just because I like driving.
  • I love Disney and fairy tales more than the average child.
  • I often forget how old I am. Sometimes I think I'm much older, other times much younger.
  • In art class once, I made a Roman Duck (It was supposed to be a whale, but ended up looking more like a duck in a Roman soldier's helmet, so I went with it)
  • I tend to dance at random moments.
  • I am usually singing in my head...sometimes I forget where I am and sing out loud at inopportune moments

  • Once I get an idea in my head, I usually want to carry it out ASAP, though I do my research. Case in point, I made my own duvet cover. I barely sew!
  • My best friend disagrees, but I am very much an introvert. I rarely talk on the phone, and need alone time frequently to recharge. While I love being with my friends, and doing everything I do at church, I really love my Ashley time.
  • I have an entire wall of quotes that inspire and delight me. Seriously. An entire wall.
  • I could eat my weight in candy cigarettes (the good ones, not the newer kind...ick!) My favorite candy!!
  • I'm a major bibliophile. At last count, I have over 1500 books in my possession. 
Okay, so that's enough of me. What are some of your strange things? What makes you you?

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