Saturday, October 17, 2009

The Year in a Weekend

In crisp New England autumn air
Warm sun takes the edge off the chill.
Tall corn stalks all around
Hear the wind whistle through the maize;
Smell the aromas of earth and fresh corn.
Wander happily through twists and turns.
Momentarily alone
Blissfully aware
Of being hopelessly lost

*****a few hours later*****

Load up the car, drive to the beach
Unload and sneak onto the sand behind homes
In the cold, dark night the men start a fire
That is blown in all directions by the wind
The venture is quickly ended.
A short drive to a small peninsula
Sneaking around, quietly discover
An abandoned fire pit.
The men again attempt a fire
This time it works and doesn't stray.
The fire burns bright and pops
And reaches in all directions
Finally, a warm restful fire with friends

Until the water starts to rise
And pushes us up further inland
Watching and laughing as water battles flames
Flames fight back and refuse to die out
Slowly smoldering, slowly leaving,
Slowly signaling the end of warm-weather fun.

The next day dawns
Dark and dreary, cold and rainy.
Children use song to honor the pastors,
Despite technical difficulties.
Lounging lazily on the couch with friends
We realize that summer and fall
Are drawing to an end
As we watch giant flakes fall from the sky
As I sit and recall the snowy beauty
I have but one regret:
I didn't take a picture.

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