Wednesday, October 7, 2009


Yesterday was a bittersweet day. First, I had a missions meeting at church. We've been planning a trip to Peru with the youth group since the spring and have run into a few roadblocks lately...mostly the cost of the plane tickets skyrocketing to $300 more than the original total cost of the trip! So at the meeting yesterday the decision was made to postpone the trip from December to a time undetermined as yet. We will be taking the next two weeks to step back and seek God's will for this trip. He is shutting the door for December and even if we don't know why, we know that we want His best. After two weeks, the leaders will meet and schedule the trip again. So the bitter is the postpone, but the sweet is that it gives us more time to plan, prepare and learn what God wants from us at this time. Its almost relaxing to know that we have a few extra months! Plus, there are some fun-sounding festivals around the time we're thinking....

Another bittersweet event yesterday was starting Course 4 of my Wilton Cake Decorating Classes. I am so happy to be taking another class, but its the last one! In three weeks I'll have taken every possible Wilton cake class, not including the Masters Course. Here are some of my favorites from the past 5 months.

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