Saturday, October 3, 2009

My Fair Fall

Fall is here and so are the fairs! Last night I went to opening night of the Topsfield Fair with some of the youth group girls. We had a complete blast! And perfect fall weather! Despite this annoying cold that I'm battling, it was a great night of wandering the fairgrounds and taking fun pictures. As I was driving to meet the girls, I prayed that we would have a great time and that God would put some fun surprise in the night. That surprise came in the game area when I won a prize on the first try! I was going to put my quarter on pink (my favorite color), but had a feeling I should put it on rose. I did and won a pig! Other highlights of the night: a new chick with half its shell stuck on its butt, and listening to Friday Night Pranks in the car "He says he sees a light and a tunnel". All in all, a wonderful fall night! Enjoy these pictures, edited with

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