Wednesday, July 17, 2013

July's Adventure: Stand Up Paddleboarding!

Guys. I went SUPing. I'm a SUPer...ish. Okay, maybe I'm not a SUPer, but I did it and didn't fall off! Also, I'm not actually sure if SUPer and SUPing are real words....but I'm using them anyways.

What is SUPing, you ask? Stand Up Paddleboarding! And let me tell you, So. Much. Fun!

We went to Nashoba Paddler's in Groton, MA. They only have four boards right now, because they're testing to see how well they do. If others have as much fun as we did, they will definitely be getting more boards! They had great prices, and the staff was super friendly and helpful. Tiny little place, but I would definitely go back.

I hate watersports. I hate and fear jumping or falling into water. I like swimming, but that's about it. So I didn't expect to like SUPing. I didn't expect to be able to stand up. I expected to fall several times. I expected to have some horrifically hilarious mishap and come home bruised and bleeding. But none of that happened!

That's me on the right!

Yes, it took me a little while to work up the courage to actually stand up on the board. Yes, I freaked out a few times. But then...I did it! I even survived and kept my balance when a giant bug attacked me. By the end I was even getting adventurous and trying tricks. In case you were wondering, yes. Yes, I can do front squats on a SUP.

So if you have the chance, I highly recommend Stand Up Paddleboarding. It was a blast!

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