Friday, April 26, 2013

Rescue is Coming

Ever wonder what the inside of a brothel is like?

Rescue is Coming {Locked Brothel in India} from The Exodus Road on Vimeo.

What breaks my heart is the girls when they line up. You can see they don't want to be there in their body language. They are not willing participants in this whole business. They are all fidgeting and playing with their nails. They know what's coming, and they know there's no way to avoid it.

But they don't know that rescue is coming. They don't know that this group of men is different. These men are kind, loving. These men are bringing hope.

I know many people who think (and I've thought it myself at times), "I don't want to know about human trafficking. I don't want to hear about all this evil. I don't want to believe it exists". Because it seems hopeless. It seems too big of an evil to overcome. But that's a lie. Because there is hope, even when it seems bleak. As Laura Parker says on the Exodus Road Blog,

Because here’s the truth you need to know (and I need to remember) about trafficking in Asia: there are people actively looking for these innocents. Right now. There are retired military men who refuse to spend their years sipping drinks on the beach but instead spend time in locked brothels, gathering evidence for rescue. There are nationals who demand that their own country rise up for the sake of these little ones, even though they could accept bribes and line their own pockets. There are wives who stay at home by themselves watching their children while their husbands are out working cases late into the night. There are straight men who’ve grown up in church who are going into gay bars and befriending ladyboys, for the sake of love, truth, and justice. There are entire families who are hacking out a life overseas for the sake of rescue and restoration for the abused. 
Yes, this is a gritty dark battle, but it is not a battle that is going unchallenged. It is not a fight without hope.

In a dark world, with such unthinkable evil as sexual slavery, there is hope. There is light. Rescue is coming.

To learn more about modern day slavery, head over to Exodus Road's website.

What gives you hope when thinking about human trafficking?

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