Thursday, April 11, 2013

Overflowing Awesome

This is how I feel lately:

Seriously, I've been sick for like 5 weeks now, maybe 6? I've lost count. It's mostly a cold, though I had some weird symptoms that earned me my first MRI last week (it was normal). But the cold took a turn last weekend so I called my doctor and begged her to call in an antibiotic (The lines, "I'm a nurse" and "I'm going to a different country this weekend" are like sparkly antibiotic-giving magic.) 

Now I'm finally starting to feel better, but all the junk in my sinuses is starting to drain, which makes for really gross moments. Since I'm getting stuff ready for the trip in three (THREE!!!) days, I'm choosing to believe I'm just overflowing with awesome. Which fits nicely with my reading material these days.

I'm loving Jon Acuff's stuff. I finished Quitter last month, and thanks to being on the Launch Team, I'm in the middle of reading the soon-to-be-released START. His stuff is so inspirational and makes you think and do, all while making you laugh. One of the refrains in the new book is, "Be more awesome, more often." And I'm taking advantage of being young and single by dragging bringing a friend with me to NYC the day after I return from the Dominican to go party with Jon Acuff at his launch party!! Soo excited! 

Life is busy, crazy, hectic, but awesome. I'm loving this year so far, and can't wait to see where it takes me!

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