Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Ashley's Rules for Flying

The following are Ashley's Rules for Flying, compiled after many trips with various people (and many years haunting travel blogs)
Rule #1: Always Look Nice. I'm not saying dress up like a wedding, but wear clean and nice clothes. Nice jeans (ie no holes) and a top works fine, unless you want to go business-style. Either way, be clean, well put together, no strong deodorants or perfumes, a touch of makeup, and easy-off closed-toe shoes and you're good to go! 

There are two reasons for this. The first, because people (including airport staff) will automatically respect you a bit more if you're put together. This opens the door to possible upgrades and quickly resolving any problems that may arise. Second, because of something I heard and adopted into life, "Always look your best when you travel because you never know when you'll meet a handsome stranger or an old enemy."

Rule #2: Be nice. Everyone at the airport is either also trying to get somewhere, or trying to do their jobs. Don't be a bad moment in their day. Show respect to everyone you come in contact with, as much as possible. Don't be a jerk, don't yell to get your way. Be nice.

Rule #3: It's okay to be a little silly when on a long flight. Just don't disturb others. See how much fun I'm having in these two photos? A little cheap entertainment, and no one was disturbed.

Rule #4: Carryon Only! Seriously, this saves so much time and energy. Plus, how much stuff do you really need for a trip? This trip is the only one in three years that I've checked luggage for...and that wasn't even my stuff! It was things like scissors, paint, food for the ministry we'll be doing with the kids. All of my stuff is safe and snug in my little purple carryon. 

Rule #5: Peanut Butter is not allowed carryon, no matter what the Jet Blue guy says at check-in. 
I may have just learned this lesson this trip. Our checked bag was a few pounds too heavy, so we were shifting things to our carryon. I didn't think peanut butter was allowed, since it's the same consistency as other non-carryon-approved items,  but the man at the counter assured us, "you can definitely bring it carry on". Cue TSA agents searching our bags and swiping hands with that bomb-detecting machine thingy. We begged. We played the hungry kids card (which was the  truth; we were bringing peanut butter to feed the kids in school who get no snack/lunch). The boss dude made the executive decision after testing it that "If I get fired, I'd rather get fired for feeding hungry kids than something else". Thank you Rota!! But, just the same, don't try to take jars of peanut butter in your carryon. 

What are your top flying rules?


  1. After growing up flying all over the United States along with several international flights, I have two primary rules for flying: Wear comfortable shoes (Vans or flip-flops) and sleep. Flip flops are my shoe of choice because I am able to quickly remove them for comfort in the air, but, be aware that should your flight land late, and should your layover time be substantially reducing, you may need to grasp said flip flops and run barefoot through the airport in order to make your connecting flight. Thus, if you are even slightly inclined towards germophobia, you may want to opt for comfortable running shoes (i.e. Vans). The second rule, of sleeping, is useful, as I have found that falling asleep before take-off and waking at touchdown significantly reduces the effects of jet lag, even when traveling through a 14-hour time change. I usually instigate such sleep by staying awake hanging out with friends and/or packing the entire night before my departure. =D

    1. Love those tips! Yes, I usually wear my Toms to fly, or similar shoes. But sleep for me is always hit or miss on the plane, but I don't usually have a problem with jetlag (except when I get home, for some reason!). Thanks for sharing :)


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