Saturday, September 22, 2012

I Survived P90X!

I tried P90X today....and I think I liked it! To learn about P90X, check out this video or go to their website. 

So my gym is about to offer P90X classes, and today they were offering a few preview classes. I really wanted to go, and couldn't find anyone to go with me, so I sucked it up and went by myself.

Now, in my head, it looked like this: It would be a decent size class of really-fit people, and I would strategically stand in the back, so when I couldn't do anymore (which I expected to be about ten minutes in), I could just collapse on the ground and not be noticed. The cost of the class was a ten dollar donation to the American Diabetes Association, so I figured even if I totally failed, at least I could say I tried, and supported a good cause.

Here's how it actually happened: I showed up a few minutes early, because I wanted to make sure I could get into the class. My name was first on the list. I was told the class would be in a little coned-off section, not actually in the class room. I went and warmed up on my favorite elliptical, and ten minutes later the trainer, Ryan, came over to get me, saying it was going to be just one-on-one. So NOT what I pictured! And I told him that, and that I wasn't sure how much I could do, but that I would try my best. As he was asking me what weight I usually use for free weights, two more women came (yay, not alone!). Another trainer also came over, since he was free and one of the women was his client. So two trainers for three of us. We jumped right into it, though it was slightly toned down, since it was an introduction to P90X. That does not mean it was easy, though! Definitely not! I had to lay on the living room floor for 20 minutes when I got home! It was the same tough exercises, just a little slower, to explain the moves. Anyways. I rocked the P90X. Seriously. I did everything he said to, with the highest weights he said to, in the hardest ways he said (I did FULL push-ups. No knees! Well, except that last time...). And actually, I was kinda the best in the class. One other woman was pretty close to me, but I pushed just a little further and did a little more than she did. I did have to take some breaks, like anyone else, but I DID it! And Ryan was proud of us. He said that cardio-wise, we were the best class he had all day :)

My end opinion of P90X: I loved it! I did way better than I expected, and finished the whole thing! The real classes start in October, and I would love to do them, but it's $99 a month. I already spend $120 on personal training, so I definitely can't do both :( I can barely lift my arms, I had to lay on the floor at home before I took a shower, and I know I'm going to KILL tomorrow, but I loved it! It's a good feeling to push your body to its limits and get stronger! And I'm so proud of myself to know that I CAN DO P90X!!! Woohoo!

Also, I got a lunchbox with a snack. It's the little things that make me happy.


  1. Hi Ashley, I just discovered your blog! Well I have been enjoying to go to the gym just as much, I agree, it is such a rewarding experience to be fit and working hard. Where did you do P90X? It sounds great! Love you Mrs. Blomerus

  2. Hi Mrs. B! I went to Best Fitness in Drum Hill. All of the Best Fitness locations are starting to offer the classes, though!


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