Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Only Me

Only me.

Sunday I was in worship, as usual, with my kiddos. A favorite song started, an upbeat song, so I started dancing(ish). We're Charasmatic. We dance. So I was doing my patented worship dance: a hop-kick mix (since I'm white and really can't dance). It's not a complex move. My feet barely leave the ground. Yet, somehow, after a few seconds I felt a pop in my calf. An excruciating snap that made me hop on just the other foot, grabbing my calf and holding my breath.

Now, like I said, I was with my kiddos. So I didn't want to show my pain to them. Also, I was worshiping. I felt like I shouldn't have that kind of pain from worship! So, I tried to ignore it. I put my weight on the other leg, rubbed it every so often when I couldn't ignore it, and went about my morning with a limp.

Only me.

Later that day when Sunday life calmed down a bit, I really examined my leg. The pain was made worse by touch, flexing, and bearing weight. I could point my toes without pain, and there was no swelling, but that was where the positives ended. So I did what any girl would do: put ice on it and went shopping (I needed things...and my friends wanted to go to Target...).

Only me.

I attempted to go to work the next day (silly me). I clocked out 45 minutes later and called my doctor, who miraculously had an early appointment. She didn't think it was too serious, but possibly a muscle tear, so she sent me for an ultrasound. After digging out my moms crutches, and a little runaround from the insurance company, I hobbled my way through the hospital to radiology (which, can I say, was super confusing?! They had three different names!).

Then, the fun part. I get into the room, and the technician says she's going to check for blood clots. Which was odd, since at 25 and active, I'm pretty sure no one thought that was the issue. I told her that's not what my doctor had said, and that wasn't what the order said. Her response: "Well, I'm just gonna do my test." Ooookaaaaayy.

Only me.

I left a message at the doctors on my way home, but didn't hear back until the end of the day, when she couldn't find out anything. Today I got the call saying I obviously don't have any blood clots, and that was, in fact, the wrong test. But, since my leg does feel a little bit better, she felt it was more likely a strain, and wasn't going to make me do that whole mess again, unless it doesn't improve by next week.

Only me. Only during pre-VBS week, which is only my busiest week of the entire year.

I guess this is what I get for asking God last week for some time off....I'll have to be more specific next time!

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