Thursday, May 3, 2012

Bible Bonanza-Slow Start

Well, we're on day three and I'm already almost a day behind! I've been soooo tired the past few days, and have had a headache, so I've been falling asleep reading! I should have time to catch up on Saturday, though, so we're on the right track. Here's a few thoughts I've had so far:

  • I didn't know "Kenan" was a Biblical name!
  • I feel bad for Sarai. Her husband tells her to pretend she's his sister, and gives her over to a king. Not once, but twice! Then, because she can't have children, she tells him to make a baby with her servant...and he does! And when she finally does have a child of her own, Abraham almost sacrifices him! 
  • Think about this one: "You are the God who sees me." (Gen16:13) WOW!
  • Best way to get what you want? Humility and Flattery (Gen 18:16-33)
  • "On the mountain of the Lord it will be provided" (Gen 22:14). We tend to call our high points our "mountaintop" experiences. But for Abraham, going to the mountaintop was a low (initially). He was commanded to go to the mountain and kill his son. His only son. The son that the whole promise of his future rested on. Talk about a bad day! Yet in his darkest moment, God showed up and provided what he thought impossible. Gives the mountain an all new perspective. 

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