Thursday, December 19, 2013

Techless Ten Day Three

   Hello everyone! It's Jeremiah again, posting for Ashley. She wrote this last night, and asked me to post it for her today. Enjoy!

   As I write this, it's 5:15pm and I'm wondering what to do with myself for the next four hours until my brother and friends get home. they invited me to watch something with them, and per my rules set last week, that means I can. Yay! I've already spent the past two hours reading through half a book, with several hours earlier in the day and yesterday. I suppose I should finish making Christmas presents...
   Today was the hardest day (so far. I'm sure tomorrow-my day off- will be worse). Today was my day to work at the church, which is mostly a desk job, in front of a computer. I did everything I could without the computer - even hand drawing and writing Sundays take home sheet! Then came my one planned internet escapade during these ten days - setting up a Youtube playlist for Kid's Church. It was fun to have a little video break! And I'm proud to say that despite some of the intriguing "suggested videos", I stayed on tsk the whole time!
   Of course, when I first opened up my browser, I was automatically headed to Facebook, but I caught myself before I clicked. For that matter, the instant I sat at the desk, I reached for the mouse to start Pandora or Spotify! It's crazy how ingrained and automatic technology has become in my life. This experiment is showing me how much time I truly waste on T.V., internet, and apps.
   Then there's the communication side of it. I can't just text my friend to ask "is so-and-so married, or did I dream that?". I can't call home to say I'm running late at work. I have to rely on my family to tell me the forecast, or if a meeting will me cancelled due to snow. Most of the things I want to text or post are trivial - an observation (It's only 1 degree outside according to my car!), a silly happenstance (How did I cut my hand sitting at my desk?!), or just an update of unimportance (Christmas is one week away!).
   But for the millions of kids held in slavery around the world, true communication on any level seems impossible. I've got my cell in my bag, ready in case of an emergency, but these kids have been dehumanized to the point that no one in their world will listen even if they do speak up. They are used, and hurt, and forgotten. Hopeless.
  Thankfully, there are people like the Kealeys willing to step into the world these kids live in and listen. To give them a voice and make others aware of their needs. It makes this experiment seem small, but God is in the habit of using foolish things to confound the wise.

This post is a part of 10 Days Without inspired by Daniel Ryan Day. It is an experiment to go ten days without technology to get a sense of feeling unconnected and to raise money and support for the Kealey family, who will be moving to Thailand to work with children at risk for, or who have been victims of, human trafficking. The complete series of posts can be found here.

To donate, please click here. Want to support the Techless Ten but can't donate financially? Please share the posts within your circles using the hashtags #TechlessTen and #10DaysWithout.

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