Thursday, December 19, 2013

Techless Ten Day One

Hello everyone! This is Ashley's brother Jeremiah, posting her blog for her. Apparently the first post I put up for her on Monday didn't actually post, so here it is again!

   Well, the first day of my "10DaysWithout" experiment is complete, and it wasn't as bad as I expected! Granted, I was super busy at work, and really tired when I got home (late), so that helped. But honestly, except for a few minor inconveniences and reaching for my phone/laptop/remote out of habit, I didn't miss it too much. I know that will be completely different, though, on a day with more downtime (like Wednesday. I'm dreading Wednesday).
   Today I used my few spare hours reading a book (the whole thing), checking my Christmas list for any gaps, and starting to plan out my 2014. I also got my Compassion Child Advocate package in the mail, so I looked through that (more about the Advocate program when I come back). Although today wasn't too bad, I've already got a list started of things I need to look up or do once I can be online!
Happy Monday everyone!

This post is a part of 10 Days Without inspired by Daniel Ryan Day. It is an experiment to go ten days without technology to get a sense of feeling unconnected and to raise money and support for the Kealey family, who will be moving to Thailand to work with children at risk for, or who have been victims of, human trafficking. To donate, please click here. The complete series of posts can be found here

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