Sunday, February 24, 2013

February's BFF Adventure

(Sidenote: Chrissy, we really need a name for this adventure program...BBF Adventure is the best I've got right now, since it's 9pm. Let's work on this.)

You may remember I mentioned last month that my best friend and I have decided to do one new thing every month for the year of 2013. This month, we found a new restaurant in Cambridge!

We went to Veggie Galaxy, a vegetarian/vegan diner and bakery. It's got that great diner-car vibe, but with a modern twist. One of favorite aspects of the decor was the barstool-height mini booths down the middle of the restaurant. (Sorry, no photo. Enjoy this menu instead!)

Now, you may know, I am definitely not a vegetarian. Definitely. Almost the exact opposite. But even I have to admit, the food was good. Not what I would like to eat every day, but not bad.

Here you see (clockwise from upper left): The Club, Onion Rings (YUM!), and a Bean Burger with ricotta, tempeh bacon (doesn't taste anything like bacon), and onions. That white-and-purple lump is potato salad. I would definitely take a real bacon burger any day, but this wasn't bad! Though the burger was super messy to eat! Seriously, half of it ended up on the plate. My biggest regret was that we didn't have room for dessert! It all looked amazing.

Aren't we cute? You can't even tell that pink is my favorite color. Like, at all.

So there we go, February's new thing: DONE! Go check out Veggie Galaxy if you're in the mood for some good vegetarian food (they also do vegan and gluten free).

Got a suggestion for our year of living awesomely? Leave it in the comments and we might give it a try!

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